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About Us

Wahtchub was created in June 2020 with a vision to provide a guide of watches to the people. We will try to provide every information related to watches which a person would need. From buying to getting it repaired, we got you covered.


I personally love wearing watches and I am sure, you also do. But with thousands of watches in the market, it becomes so confusing to make a decision. So, here we come. We based on our personal opinions & preferences, and by reading other thousands of people’s reviews, try to bring you the best watches available in the market. We also try to provide information and interesting facts about watch.


This website is for every watch lover/enthusiast out there. You could suggest us topics or tell us your problems related to watches and we will try to solve that.

Image by Fabrizio Verrecchia

But Why such a weird Name?

Look, first of all I am very bad on choosing names. So, when we thought of opening a website, the first name which came to my mind was watch hub (I don’t know why). But it was very common and generic domain name, so I though let’s remove a ‘h’ from hub and add it to “watch”. So, it became Wahtchub. You can imagine breaking this name – Wah! Tch Hub. It means the watch you’re wearing is just beautiful which made you say WAH! What a watch? I know it’s odd, but its okay, I liked it.

So, thank you for reading our Domain Name Story.




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